Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things really do happen for a reason

Today a wonderful, validating thing happened. First you'll need just a little backstory.

For the last two years my son has been in school, it has been a constant battle. He is diagnosed as bipolar and ADHD. The last two years have been a living hell dealing with the school district and trying to make them understand that he has an illness. He was just considered a "bad" kid. Since he isn't mentally delayed (quite the opposite actually), I was told that there wasn't really anything they (the school system) could do. Well finally I was given some awesome advice and now things are going much better. As of today, we finalized a behavior plan with the school which will give my son the opportunity to learn to cope with his problems and not for them to call me everytime. So all of the time I have spent with the school, counselors, psychiatrists, advocates, etc. has given me plenty of knowledge on how to deal with the school system.

Ok so the point of this story is that today I was able to use all the knowledge I have gained to help someone else. These people were desperate and wore completely out. I was able to give them enough information to get their grandchild what he needed from the school. His "behavior" was so bad, the school had told these people that their grandchild needed to be institutionalized. That is the LAST resort for any child. Plus this child had 3 or 4 diagnoses that would enable him to fall under the heading of special education. The school had not helped them at all.

Today was so gratifying. I honestly believe there is a reason for everything and this just helps prove that to me. I went through so much and yet was there to help these people and give them the information needed to solve some of their problems. I truly hope things work out for them and their grandchild. I have GOT to stop questioning why things happen to me and just go with it. If anyone reads this and needs information about the sort of things I'm writing about, I'd be more than happy to help you.

Oh and it was Administrative Professional's Day (formerly Secretary's Day) so I got gifts. Isn't that a fabulous way to get me out of my funk?! So to all you Administrative people out there, hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vacation time again

So we all know it's almost that time of year again. Time to dig out the swimsuits (and hope we fit in them) and go somewhere fun! I am having a terrible time figuring out where to go this year. I had just about settled on Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area because there are so many things to do. Now I can't seem to make up my mind. Plus this will be the first time my son and I have gone on vacation by ourselves. Usually we go with friends or my sister and her family. It's a little scary. I hate driving in big cities. *sigh* Anyone out there actually read this and have any ideas for a kid-friendly (and mom-friendly) vacations???? We've been to St. Louis and Gulf Shores in the past and had a great time but I wanted to try something different this year. I still have a little while to make decision. Maybe I'll get it together by the time the summer officially rolls around. :)